Among the greatest concern for most businessmen is making a choice between search engine optimization and traditional advertising. For most people, they do not know how SEO works despite being unable to pay for the cost of traditional advertising. Visit local SEO companies to get more information.

SEO is the digital marketing technique that increases your search engines ranking. This way, a person searching for information related to your business will easily access your website and in doing this, connect with your business. There is a lot of competition in SEO as most businesses are doing whatever they can to appear on the first page. To stand a chance in this fierce battle, you need to get professional help from a reputable SEO company.

Traditional advertising, on the other hand, is using conventional media such as TVs, radio or newspapers. To get better results in this form of advertising, you need to choose a channel that is accessible by most of your potential customers. The advert should also be interesting so that anyone watching television at that time will not fail to notice it.

Here are the Main Differences Between Search Engine Optimization and Traditional Advertising


The amount you’ll pay to use traditional methods of advertising is very high compared to the amount you’ll spend on SEO. If you want your advert to keep appearing on traditional advertising channel, you have to pay the cost daily. This makes it very expensive to maintain and for this reason, small business owners cannot afford it.

For SEO, you’ll pay a one-time price which can be high if you have contracted an SEO company to do the advertising for you. Once everything is set, you’ll reap from this effort for as long as your website stands. This makes SEO cheaper than traditional advertising in the long run.

Longer Payback Duration

When you advertise on mediums such as television or radio, only the people that are tuned in at that time will hear the advert. If none of the potential clients were listening, you’ll have paid a high advertising cost for nothing. You have to know the right channel to use and the right time to post the advert so that you get good results.

For SEO, if you hire a reputable SEO company and you get a high ranking, you’ll reap from this for months or years at times. Regardless of the time, a potential client makes a search, he’ll find your website. With this, you’ll enjoy better results compared to the person that uses traditional advertising.

Though traditional advertising can never be as good as search engine optimization, both are great advertising channels. However, if you run a small or medium business, it is very hard to sustain traditional advertising as you have to pay every time your advert appears. This is why most small to medium business owners prefer to optimize their websites for SEO as this is more affordable.

If you have the funds to carry out both search engine optimization and traditional advertising, it would also be a great option. The bottom line is getting more people to know of the existence of your business and to buy from you.