Do you find it hard to get good traffic for your website? Are you wondering what others do to get so many social media users while you don’t get any? Well, all hope is not lost!

Being a successful blogger is not just about writing good content. it is not just posting article after article on your website. it involves the use of the right texts and images, videos, and slides, among other multimedia elements.

If you put in a keyword when searching for information on Google, you’ll notice that most times, there are image results. This shows how important it is to optimize images for SEO. If you’ve no experience in optimizing images, you can seek SEO services from a reputable online marketing company like search engine optimization Utah.

Importance of Using Images With Every Blog Post

1. Images are Visually Appealing

When you use the right image on your content, it will make the content look appealing. However, you need to use the right image which will convey the same message as your content. A good image is related to the content and will act as proof that the content beside it is worth reading.

2. Images Attract Search Engines Traffic

When you add images to your content, it will pull more traffic from people using different search engines. To achieve this, however, you need to optimize your image using alt text and the right image description.

You may have the right image for your content but if you disregard using the right keyword when describing it, there will be no effect on your traffic from various search engines. Choose a name that relates to your content when naming your image so that you can have more clicks.

3. Images Will Encourage Social Media Sharing

Most social media users love sharing visual content. The more your content gets shared on social media platforms, the more traffic you’ll get from these social media platforms. It is important to ensure that all your images are optimized for use on social media.

The image should make the wall of the person sharing it more attractive. If this is not the case, no one will want to share anything that will make their wall look scary.

4. Images Make your Article Appear Longer

Though an image does not increase the number of words in your content, it will make your post appear longer. It will be an added detail to your content which will have a positive impact on your traffic. Any time you want to post content on your website, look for relevant images to enhance the length and make it appear more detailed.

5. An Image Will Speak More About ‘Your Content

It is possible to forget what you read in a particular post but you can never erase the memory of an image. If you are expounding on how to use the software, the reader may forget the details in the content but the images you used to describe the process will remain in his mind.

Any time you write content for your website, do not forget to get the right image and to optimize it for SEO. If you have little or no knowledge in this field, you can ask for SEO services from the experts. There are multiple SEO companies that offer exceptional services when it comes to optimizing images.