Kris Gundersen Organic Search Specialist

As an Organic Search Specialist, Kris Gundersen knows how to get your website noticed!

Do you love to get referrals for your business?  Are they the best, leads you can get? Google is the best referring partner you could ever have!  Google can send you all the qualified leads you can handle, maybe even more. The power of Google is INSANE!  One client was getting 200 leads per month with Pay Per Click ads. Using this same budget and switching him to the organic search changed his life!  He is now getting 1200 leads per month because he is on the first page of Google’s organic search! Talk about a game changer!

So, what is the organic search?  When you do an internet search, the organic section is just below the paid ads and the map section.  Almost everyone prefers to click on websites in the organic section rather than the ads. Only 12% of internet searchers will select the ads.  Wouldn’t you rather be in the organic section where all the action is?

Out of the billions of websites on the internet, how can I get your website to the top? That’s a great question! And here’s the answer:

When someone is searching online, they are ready to buy; they are looking for the service you are offering.  They know that Google will have the best companies at the top of the search; that Google has already vetted and chosen the best companies to be on that first page.  This is why 90% of all buying decisions happen on the 1st page. When these people search, will you be on the first page or will they chose one of your competitors? If you are not on the 1st page, this potential customer will go to your competitor.  My job is to prove to Google that you are THE EXPERT in your field, that YOU are the best choice. Once I prove that to Google, your website will naturally rise to the top. That’s what I can do for you. That’s what I mean when I say that I am an organic search specialist. And if I can’t do what I say, you get all your money back.  It’s a no brainer!

A little more about Kris Gundersen….

My passion is helping people.  That’s what I love about this business.  It is so exciting to see a business take off and become something that can become a legacy for generations to come.  I love talking to business owners and hearing the excitement they are feeling as their business is taking leaps and bounds forward. That is so much fun!  A business that is thriving helps not only the business owner, but all the employees as well.  It provides jobs for more and more people as the business grows and expands.  It gives me a sense of pride knowing I have been able to help make their lives better.

I love being with my family, being in the mountains, cooking.  I have lived in Salt Lake City my whole life and love it here. I have 6 children and 12 going on 13 grandchildren.

Our family is building a cabin from scratch.  We are cutting the logs down, debarking them, notching, etc ourselves.  This is a project my husband has always dreamed of doing.  We are using a scribe technique so that the logs fit tightly together and don’t need chinking.  It is a lot of work, but I am enjoying working on it.