Having a website for your company is one thing. But how do you know whether it’s actually helping you in any way?


How many people are visiting your site at any one time? Where are they from? Do they visit during daytime or nighttime? Did the number of visitors increase after you advertised in your local newspaper?


What many website owners fail to realize is that they have all the answers to these questions at their fingertips. All they need to do is to invest in one thing- Traffic Analytics software. These analytics programs are designed to serve many functions. The main function, however, is to gather relevant data regarding a website’s traffic. Let’s take a closer look at what traffic analytics is all about.


What is Traffic Analytics?

Also known as web analytics, this a program that helps to analyze the behavior of those who visit your site. In particular, it shows you:


  1. The Marketing Channels that are Driving Most Traffic

If you’re using a web analytics software like Google Analytics, you’ll be able to know where your traffic is coming from. For instance, you may be getting a lot of traffic through your company’s social media platforms or it may be through search terms.


By knowing the source of your traffic, it will be easier to adjust your campaigns in such a way that increases traffic from every source.


  1. Your Site’s Demographics

Understanding your website’s demographics is very crucial. Essentially, it helps you assess whether you’re targeting the right audience.


Depending on the group of people who are visiting your site, you can establish whether you should adjust your campaigns to target a different audience. As an example, a website that deals with Android apps might not want to target iOS diehards.


  1. Information to Assess your Best Pages

Through traffic analytics, you can establish which of your pages are visited the most. Not only that, a good software like Google Analytics will also show the specific amount of time that users spend on these pages. This way, you can make changes to pages that are not doing well.


It’s There, So Take Advantage of It


Traffic analytics software are there for a reason: to evaluate whether your websites are adding any value to your business. You developed the website to drive more traffic to the products and services you offer, and these programs can help you achieve just that. They achieve this by letting you know the source of your traffic, the marketing channels that have most conversions and the pages that are most frequented.