Free Website Audit

How is your website doing?  Is it effective?  What are the problems?  What needs to be fixed?  How can your business get to the top of the search engines?  These are essential questions to ask.  Rocket Marketing Pro will do provide you with a customized free website audit, all you have to do is ask. It will evaluate several aspects of your website including current ranking, content, meta title, heading tags, citations, etc.

Content is important. When setting up a website, your main aim is to reach out to as many people as possible. You desire to have an audience that will not just click and go but one that will find the information you post insightful and informative enough to stay on your website. When people search for information related to your content, you want to appear among the top search results.

Your meta title and headings all need to be in the correct format for the search engines to rank you well.

Citations are your listings in directories all over the internet.  These directories will pick up your company information and list it for you.  If all your directory listings are perfectly configures, your website will rank better.  Google and the other search engines know that you take your online presence seriously and they will take your website more seriously in return.

To achieve this, you need to apply the right search engine optimization practices. Using the right keywords, posting relevant content, and making your website easier to navigate are some of the SEO practices that will boost your website’s ranking.

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A free website audit is the best way to know if there are any issues with your website that are affecting its performance. Here are some things that we will look at for you:

1. Crawlability

Check whether the important pages of the website can be accessed by search engine bots. You’ll also check to ensure that your bots, text, and sitemaps are working to your advantage, not against your website. To achieve this, your website needs to be error free.

2. On-Page Issues

Since the onset of search engine optimization, content is an important component of your website. You’ll check whether you’ve used the right meta tags, sub-headings, headers, and description, among other issues. Any errors on your content will make your website less relevant.

3. Technical SEO

The time it takes to load your web pages will determine whether a person will wait or move on to the next page. If your visuals are not optimized, your HTML is poorly coded or your technology is moldy, you’ll not win the SEO battle. It is also important to check whether your website is mobile-friendly as this plays a huge role in SEO as well.


HTTPS is also important to SEO as people highly regard their security whether offline or on cyberspace. Ensuring that your website is secure takes a lot of effort but if you need to succeed in SEO, it is not an option. Your visitors need assurance that when they submit important information on your website, no third party will be able to access it.

5. Site Architecture

Making your website enjoyable to use will make your visitors happy and desire to keep coming back any time they need similar information. To achieve this, you need to check whether your content is well-organized. You also need to check whether the external links from your website are correct.

Professional help from search engine optimization experts will be able to make your website run smoothly and make it rankable in the search engines.